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Exclusive Facial Scrub Set / Turmeric Bar & Scrub Set

Exclusive Facial Scrub Set / Turmeric Bar & Scrub Set

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Our exclusive Facial Scrub Set will keep your skin looking healthy and glowing! Our unique Turmeric  & Original Scrub Sets are carefully crafted with safe, edible ingredients that effectively help to eliminate acne, remove dark spots, and smooth skin texture. Enjoy the luxurious benefits of a elasticity-boosting scrub set that you can trust!

Tighten Your Skin, Smooth Out Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Unclog Your Pores

Smooth Out Dark Spots

Remove Acne Scars

Eliminate Acne & Pimples

& Has No Artificial Colors Or Fragrances

You Will See Results In As Little As One Week Of Using This Product!! 

 ~Without A Regular Facial Scrub, Products Will Sit On Your Face & Wont Be Absorbed Into Your Skin~

 Facial Scrub (2oz)

I Decided To Include My Entire Skincare Regimen, This Set Also Includes My Facial Oil (1oz) Now With More Moisturizer!!

This Is Heaven To Skin. The Primary Ingredient Is Mother Natures Fountain Of Youth! Your Skin Will Glow Effortlessly. This Oil Is Non-Greasy, Smells Fresh & Easily Absorbs Into Your Skin. You Don't Need Much Of This Product, A Little Goes A Long Way. Ingredients;

Coconut Oil Is Extremely Moisturizing, Has Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties

Jojoba Oil Softens, Heels & Boost The Glow Of Your Skin

Rosehip Oil Keeps Your Skin Looking Youthful, While It Hydrates & Brightens Skin


I'm Also Including My Facial Wash (1 oz)

Soft Black Soap, Great For Sensitive Skin, Has Antibacterial Properties, Extremely Moisturizing, Helps Sooth Irritated Skin, Fight Acne, Prevents Aging, Reduces Hyperpigmentation


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