Spider & Ant Repellent

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I've Made A Complete All Natural Mixture That Has A Very Pleasant Scent. This Oil Mixture Is Non Hazardous, & Has No Artificial Colors Or Fragrances. Its Simply Amazing At What Peppermint Oil Can Do;

  • Promote Sharp Memory
  • Helps You Think Clearly
  • Help Relive Fatigue
  • Its Amazing At Repelling Spiders, Ants & Cicadas
  • Safe To Use On Plants


3.5 oz/100ml (can carry with you on a plane) Spray Bottles That You Can Use To Specifically Repel Against Spiders & Ants. These Insects Smell With Their Legs & Are Particularly  Sensitive To The Scent Of Peppermint. Spray To Keep Away Those Annoying Insects* 

Includes ONE Bottle

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