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I've Provided You With My Favorite Skin Care Products. They Are Reason My Skin Is Soft, Smooth & So Full Of Youth. This Is The Ultimate Selfcare Kit. All Of These Products Add Up To $45, I'm Giving Them To You For Only $30!!! Includes;

  • 4 Oz Jar Of Goddess Soak ($10)
  • 5 ml Bottle Of Hair Oil (Tea Tree Scented) ($8) 
  • 15 ml Bottle Of Facial Oil ($12)
  •  2 Oz Liquid Facial Wash (10)
  • Microfiber Facial Pad ($5)
  • FREE 5ml, Three In One,  Wound Cleanser/Skin Repair, Anti-Itch ($5)

Goddess Soak Has Pink Himalayan Salt, Which Soften & Heal Cracked Skin; Lavender, Which Has Awesome Muscle Replenishing Characteristics; Avocado, Which Promotes Calming & Relaxation, Also Has A Wonderful Refreshing Scent

Hair Oil Has Vitamin E: Which Brings Shine & Seals In Moister For Your Hair; Jamaican Caster Oil: Moisturizes, Thicken, Strengthen & Rapidly Increase Hair Growth.

Facial Oil Contains Sunflower Oil, Which Is Great For Sensitive Skin, It Provides Gentle Moister & A Soothing Feeling; Coconut Oil: Reduces Dryness By Locking In Moister, Help Sooth Irritated Skin. Jojoba Oil: Antibacterial, Antioxidant, It Does Not Clog Up Your Skin. Rose Hip Oil: This Oil Is Anti-Aging, Fights Acne & Diminish Dark Spots

Face Wash Liquid Black Soap, Great For Sensitive Skin, Has Antibacterial Properties, Extremely Moisturizing, Helps Sooth Irritated Skin, Fight Acne, Prevents Aging, Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Tea Tree Wound Cleaner/Skin Repair This Mixture Is Anti-Inflammatory, Helps Sooth & Relieve Painful Irritated Skin. Helps Reduce Redness & Swelling