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These Oils Are Absolutely Amazing For Bringing Abundance & Blessing Into Your Life. This Oil Attracts Anything You Ask For. You MUST Have Faith & Believe You Deserve It. I Infuse My Herbs, Spices & Flowers 2-4 Weeks So You Can Receive The Highest Potency Of The Ingredients. They Specifically Contribute To Bringing Forth Amazing Prosperity. Each Ingredient Is Prayed Over So That You Can Easily Manifest Your Destiny Or Desires. I Also Cleanse My Environment With Sage Before I Make My Oils. These Ingredients Will:

  • Help Your Manifestations Come To Life
  • Help Motivate You To Obtain Your Goals
  • Bring Prosperity, Wealth, Stability & Love

(Infused With Lemongrass, Rose Petals, Bay Leaf, Thyme Leaves, Mint Leaves & Cinnamon Essential Oil) Also Includes Vitamin E

There Are Two Options Available: Love Abundance Or Financial Abundance .

Comes In Beautiful 5oz Glass Bottles (colors vary)

~ I Do Provide Custom Prosperity Oils (Healing, Protection, Cleansing Ect) Please E-mail, They Come In 20 ml Bottles {$10}. PLEASE E-Mail

~All Of My Products Are Handmade, Without Artificial Colors, Fragrances Or Chemical Preservative~

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