Pre-Shampoo Hair Detangler

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This Fabulous Hair Detangler Smells Amazing & Is Full Of Hair Enriching, Gentle Detangling Oils. Make Sure You Detangle The Correct Way: Separate Hair With Fingers, Section By Section, Began To Spray Hair, Use WIDE Tooth Comb Or Fingers To Detangle, Then Move To Next Section. Make Sure You Start At Ends & Move Your Way Up To The Roots. Take Your Time & Don't Rush. If This Process Is Rushed, You Will Damage Your Hair.

Ingredients: Sea Moss Water; Helps Soften & Properly Moisten Your Hair

Jojoba Oil; Vitamins (C,B,E) Minerals (copper, zinc) Nourish Your Hair, Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Hair Thickness

Peppermint Essential Oil; Treats Dandruff, Sooths Irritated Scalp & Smells Great

~Must Be Kept In Fridge When Not In Use~