Goddess/King Oil

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I Infuse My Goddess & Kings Oil With Enriching Herbs, Spices & Flowers 2-4 Weeks So You Can Experience The Highest Potency Of The Ingredients. I Also Cleanse My Environment With Sage Prior To Mixing My Oils. My Selected Herbs & Flower Petals Have Amazing Benefits;

  •  Antiseptic, Antibacterial Properties,
  • Smooth, Brighten Skin & Improve Texture
  • Promote Collagen, Improve Overall Health Of Skin

(Infused With Thyme Leaves, Bamboo Tea Leaf, Hibiscus Petals, Rosemary Leaves & Mint Leaves; Ladies Has Jasmine Essential Oil, Men's Has Frankincense Essential Oil) Also Includes Vitamin E

This Oil Comes In 9oz Glass Bottle, Great For Men, Women & Safe for Kids As Well.

~All Of My Products Are Handmade, Without Artificial Colors, Fragrances Or Chemical Preservatives~