Exclusive Essential Oils

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Choose Your Favorite Essential Oil. These 10 oz Exclusive Oils Are Handmade By Me & Filled With Fresh Flowers. These Oils Are Derived From The Aromatic Plant. Though They Smell Amazing, They Also Have Plenty Of Natural Healing Benefits;

Lavender: Promotes Calmness, Peace & Relieve Anxiety

Lemongrass: Helps With Motion Sickness & Relieves Fatigue

Eucalyptus: Keeps Bugs Away, Great For Allergies & Clears Nasal Passage

Peppermint: Promotes Sharp Memory, Suppresses Appetite & Helps With Concentration

Rose: Stimulate Sex Drive, Alleviate Menstrual Discomfort

Jasmine: Great For Arousal, Decrease Menopause Symptoms

Tea Tree Oil Help You Feel Strengthened, Eliminate Stress & When Mixed With Carrier Oil, Great For Scalp & Skin

The Convenient Glass Roller Bottle Containers Will Fit In Your Purse With Ease & Are Very Easy To Use.