Emotional Scents

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Inhaling Essential Oils Has An Array Of Fabulous Benefits: They Boost Your Mood, Improve Performance, Reduce Stress & Increase Attentiveness. I Created This Variety Of Essential Oil Mixtures To Enhance Your Emotional Health. Its One Made Specifically For You*

Confidence: Helps Bring Out Inner Truth & Self Assurance

I'm Focused Man : Helps With Focus & Staying On Task

Get Over Him: Inspires You To Heal & Move On After A Break Up

Smile: Revitalizing, Uplifting & Encouraging

Sunshine: Reminds You Of Relaxing At The Beach

Gratitude: Promotes Appreciation & Thankfulness

Quiet Time: Promotes Whole Body Relaxation

Energy: Increases Thought Process & Awareness

Calmed Nerves: Calms & Settles Overwhelmed Nerves

10 oz Roller Bottle

Base Is Made From Coconut Oil

PLEASE Perform Skin Test Prior To Using

To Use: Apply To Pulse Points; Behind Ears & Wrist. Rub Wrist Together & Deeply Inhale Aroma, Making An Effort To  Breath Deeply & Intentionally For Several Seconds. Then Simply Enjoy Your Day. Increase The Success Of These Products By Meditating Or Practicing Grounding With This Method!