Calendula Oil For Eczema (psoriasis, Itching, dermatitis)

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This Oil Is A Great Remedy For Anybody Struggling With Dry, Itchy Irritated Skin. Its All Natural & Contain NO Artificial Colors Or Fragrances. This Oil Was Created For My Son, Who Was Struggling With Eczema, But Now, Thats A Thing Of The Past. Benefits Include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial
  • Gentle On Skin
  • Reduces Swelling, Itching & Scratching
  • Stimulates The Production Of Collagan
  • Fights Acne & Other Skin Conditions
  • Help Delay Aging
  • Heal Diaper Rash

Comes In 8 oz Glass Bottle (Slim Or Classic). Use Twice A Day For Best Results.