Adjustable Waist Beads: Coral Set

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Decided To Offer Adjustable Waist Beads So My Clients Can;

  • Enjoy Weight Loss Journey Without Having To Purchase A New Set Of Beads
  • Wear The Same Pair On Waist, Belly Or Hips 

These Fashionable Beads Are Commonly Used To Mark Changes In Weight, But That's Not All. Waist Beads Are A Cultural Tradition, Symbolize Maturity, Womanhood & Growth

My Designs Are Made With Glass Beads Which Symbolize;

  • Feelings Of Transformation
  • Renewed Energy, Balance Focus
  • & Effective Communication
  • Comes With Gorgeous FREE Cosmetic Bag

Because They Are Glass, They Wont Fade In Salt, Whirl Pool Or Chlorine Water

Waist Bead Size Adjust From 30"- 35", Anklet Adjust From 8"-10"

These Beads Fit Pants Size 5/7-14 & Are Elastic 

All Of My Waist Beads Are Made Out Of Top Of The Line Elastic Cord That Maintain Its Initial Shape Even After Being Stretched. These Beads Can Get Wet Without Getting Damaged. Comes With Matching Anklet.