Eczema Remedy

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I Developed Eczema Later In Life & It Was Difficult To Manage Util I Came Up With An All Natural Solution. I Struggled With Burning, Itching & Irritation When My Skin Touched Certain Materials Or When I'd Bath/Shower. I Had Eczema Scars (the whole 9). Through Trial & Error I Created A Remedy That Keeps My Eczema At Bay, While Removing The Scars!! You Don't Have To Live With The Burning, Itching & Uncomfortableness That Comes With Eczema Anymore*

I Mix Shae, Mango & Cocoa Butters With Some Skin Healing Oils. This Combination Is A Fabulous Natural Remedy For Eczema.  These Butters & Oils Absorb Quickly Into Skin, While Keeping It Moisturized. They Act As A Protective Layer, While The Moisture Absorbs Into The Deeper Layers Of The Skin.

Oatmeal Soap: Its Classifies As A Emollient, Which Means It Holds Moisture Against The Skin. It Also Has Anti-Inflammatory Qualities That Reduces Itching.

~Set Contains 10 oz Jar Of Body Butter & A Bar Of Soap~

~Or You Can Get The Combo: Body Butter, Soap & Calendula Oil (9 oz)~ ( I Recommend )